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Welcome to Deepin Technology Wiki. You can get more information on deepin system here!

1. All contents in this Wiki are only suitable for the latest version of deepin by default.
2. Everyone can edit this Wiki and we need your contribution to make it more perfect.

Wiki Contents

System Installation

Introduction of deepin installation and answers to FAQs of system startup.

System Management

Deeply explore deepin system and learn about the management of Linux systems.

Recommended Applications

Recommended applications available in deepin and answers to FAQ.

Recommended Resources

Linux-related knowledge, websites and books are recommended.


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deepin weixin


IRC is one of the most common communication ways in Linux, which provides a similar anonymous chatroom environment. Welcome to join deepin IRC channel. (The common language is English)

Channel: #deepin

Mail List

Mail list is one of the most common communication ways in Linux. Welcome to join deepin mail list and you can communicate with us by email. (The common language is English)

·deepin users:For general discussion of deepin users.
·deepin developers:For discussion of deepin developers.