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Startup Management

Boot Loader: Briefly introduce the boot loader of system. Reference: Debian, Arch wiki.

Initialization: Introduction to initialization process of Linux.

User Management

User and group: Introduction to concepts of user and group in Linux.

User and task: Relationship of user and task in Linux.

File Management

Files and permissions

File and directory: Introduction to files management in Linux.

File permission: File permission controls in Linux.

File system

File system: Introduction to commonly used file system types.

Mount: Management mount point.

Disk management: Basic operations to disk partitions.

Program Management

Program management

Program and process: Relationship of a program and its process.

Process management: Process management in Linux.

Program configuration

General program configuration: General configurations format of programs.

Autostart program: Auto-start configurations of programs.

Desktop entry: Introduction to formats of desktop entry files.

Software Management

Software Installation

Software source: Definitions of software source and how to manage sources.

Source package: Compilation, installation and uninstallation of source package.

Binary package: Installation and uninstallation of binary packages.

Software Management

Package: Introduction to package management system in Linux.

Package management: Introduction to package management utility - dpkg.

Service and Configuration

System Services

System service: Introduction to system services in Linux.

Service configuration: Management of default services in Linux.

Other Services

Samba service

SSH service

FTP service

DHCP service

DNS service

VPN service

LAMP service: Software collection for server: Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP.

Desktop Components

Display Manager

Display manager: Usage and configuration of display manager in Linux.


Shell: Introduction to command shell and graphical shell.

Graphic Interface

Graphics server: Commonly used graphical server.

Desktop environment: Different types of desktop environment and their compositions.

Window manager: Different types of window manager and their compositions.

Command Line Interface

Command shell: Introduction to command shells.


Window theme

Icon theme

Cursor theme

Sound theme


Font: Reference: Arch wiki


System language: Change system language to meet needs of different users. Reference: Arch wiki:Locale

Date and timezone

Network Management

Introduction to network

Introduction to network: Basic knowledge of network.

Network management: Commonly used network operations.

Network configuration

Wired network

Dial-up network

Mobile broadband



Power Management

Power management

System Debugging

System info

System log: Introduction to system journal.

System hang: Ways of dealing system hangs.

System update

Hardware Device

Introduction to hardware


Hard Disk



Graphics Card

Sound Card



Power Supply

Optical Disk Driver

USB Device




USB Flash Disk